bacanya dari bawah yah....

outgoing brb <== akan menjadi back kanan?
outgoing what kind of food
incoming brb
outgoing i never heard
outgoing yogen
incoming nope
outgoing with cc?
outgoing weq..
incoming just a while to eat yogen's because it buy one get one
incoming i did
incoming yup
outgoing sory..
outgoing eh so u went to
incoming went
outgoing so u go to pim yesterday
incoming tukik's friend which is cupang {tongue_smile}
incoming i prefer to choose tukik
incoming prefer
incoming chose
outgoing {bigsmile}
outgoing i preffer.. coze tukik...
outgoing huuueeekkk... >.<
incoming YAIKSSSS
incoming maybe you are his soulmate?
outgoing i met him twice a day
outgoing like i sms before...
incoming {bash}
outgoing grumpy
incoming bring me cupang first
outgoing weq
incoming NOPE
outgoing {tongue_smile}
outgoing so ... can i get back my calendar
outgoing umm..
incoming Berita pagi
incoming at the front cover
outgoing ummm.. so she alredy there.. i just don't know her
incoming i didnt see her.. i dont know her
outgoing i not c her.. or i not know her
outgoing which one ....
incoming yup
outgoing realy...
incoming and isyana's pic also
outgoing with tukik picture in there
incoming yesterday i went to arianna's farewell party
incoming its here in my desk
outgoing trans calendar...
outgoing yup
outgoing heh?
incoming your calendar?????
incoming hmmmmmmm but im cute, not grumpy {sad_smile}
outgoing edy grumpy..{bigsmile}
outgoing grumpy bener kok galak...
outgoing u must bring a paper and my calendar
incoming kayanya bukan grumpy {tongue_smile}
incoming gahar apa yah {tongue_smile}
incoming im cute {embaressed_smile}
incoming gunggg
incoming {bash}
incoming am i a grumpyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
outgoing chiitt...
outgoing oks...
outgoing gahar in english?
outgoing i think.. i must find a teacher more cute and nice not gahar...
incoming remind me tommorow then i'll bring it for u
outgoing weq...
incoming i gave u more of it {tongue_smile})
incoming {bash} {bash} {bash} {bash} {bash}
outgoing jakaka
outgoing ogh GOOD.. that emo make me laugh
outgoing jakakaka
incoming {bash}
outgoing red hot chili paper?
outgoing what kind of paper?
incoming really maksudnye {tongue_smile}
incoming hehheheheh not realy, you just dont get used to it that's all
incoming difficult....
outgoing speak in english is deficult yag?
incoming if u want, i can copy you some english paper for u to learn...
outgoing so'...
outgoing about "heard" gw blank deh
outgoing i udah curig.. atara went sama go
outgoing kan...
incoming i heard it from yoda
incoming yesterday u went to pim
outgoing yoda i meant .. sory midori
incoming hahhahahha
outgoing kok yodo
outgoing pass tenst tu gimana kata2nya
outgoing yesterday u go to pim
outgoing i hear from yode.. egh yodo...
incoming {bash}
incoming {rofl}
outgoing {teeth_smile}
outgoing my mom?
outgoing ummm....
incoming is there anyone who want to teach u english for free like me {embaressed_smile}
outgoing it;s comercile?
outgoing weq...
incoming well, i charge u for free to train u english (although i already said that you should pay me per lesson (&^&&^%$$####@@##$$$$!!!!!!!!)
outgoing i think i must find another teacher {tongue_smile}
incoming {bash}
incoming silly teacher {tongue_smile}
outgoing yang bener dungks jd guru
incoming {tongue_smile}
outgoing {bash}
outgoing jakaka...
incoming occasion bener ga ya tulisannya gitu lupa juga gue
incoming event === occasion
incoming beda
outgoing event <> acousion ya
outgoing yeah... she just play around with me.. so do i {tongue_smile}
incoming in fact, she flirts with u
incoming she did
incoming ooooo maksudnya itu, at that event, i didnt want to flirt with anyone... bisa event bisa diganti kata apa gitu......
outgoing no.. she not adore me!
outgoing **** did?
outgoing umm.. di aacara itu gw gak mau deketin sapa2...
incoming *****?
incoming hmmmmm
outgoing yeah right... did any body else... beside her?
incoming gue ngga mudeng yang itu gung
incoming maksudnya occasion gitu??
incoming yup
outgoing mrs prita adore me?
outgoing realy?
incoming i mean prita {tongue_smile}
outgoing ummm.. in that ocuccusion <== bener ya gini?, kok aga aneh yah, i don't want to flirt any one
incoming she adores u, u know (mrs prota)
incoming maksudnya int that ocuccusion apa nih? kata indonya apa>
outgoing {tongue_smile}
outgoing no thanks
outgoing mrs prita?
outgoing weq
outgoing in that occousion <== coreec me
incoming mbak prita?
incoming so with whom you flirt with?
outgoing i just don't do that
incoming i dont trust uuuu {teeth_smile}
outgoing and don't know why
outgoing realy deh.. sungguh...
incoming i am not lying <== nyang bener
outgoing heheh
outgoing wild...
outgoing i not liar
outgoing no
incoming liaaaarrr {teeth_smile}
outgoing that day... i wall away from her
outgoing nop
outgoing weq.. in hurry neegh
incoming did u flirt with ***** ????????
incoming wah pegel2 ama tandu gue ngga tau hehehhehehhe ntar nyari di kamus {tongue_smile}
outgoing just pegel2 apa tuh pegel2
outgoing nop
incoming oooo ic hahhahahahahhahah
outgoing and can't walk {bigsmile}
incoming did someone injured?
outgoing coz we are so full
outgoing yup
outgoing waht it call in englis?
incoming tandu?
outgoing poorly they dont prepare a tandu
outgoing yup
incoming all of the team ??
outgoing great...
incoming right {regular_smile}
outgoing hanamasa?
incoming eh
incoming iyehhh
outgoing hehe
outgoing u know what i meant lah
outgoing nah..
incoming the last word that typed
outgoing inggrisnya pls
outgoing tadi gw ngeti k lo liat ga
incoming whic one?
outgoing egh gimana ya
outgoing last i type... did not c?
incoming gimana hanamasa?
incoming hooiiiii
outgoing hoooi

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