Mazinger Z DX Soul of Chogokin

  • One of the most amazing Mazinger Z action figures of all time!
  • Features an obscene amount of detail and stands almost 12-inches tall.
  • Includes lights, sounds, and 30 different accessory and armor parts.
  • There's also a large-scale hangar-base that can house Mazinger Z inside!
  • This is a serious must-have for any true fan of Mazinger Z.


Ada yang tau arti Aaaaamin, Aminnnn, amin, aaaaminnnn?

Pernah baca, lupa...
Sbntr ya gung

Yg jelas yg benar itu aamiin (kabulkan)

”AMIN” (alif dan mim sama-sama pendek), artinya AMAN, TENTRAM

"AAMIN” (alif panjang & mim pendek), artinya MEMINTA PERLINDUNGAN KEAMANAN

”AMIIN” (alif pendek & mim panjang), artinya JUJUR TERPERCAYA

“AAMIIN” (alif & mim sama-sama panjang), artinya YA TUHAN, KABULKANLAH DOA KAMI

That's why I always type aamiin

Tq Dimas

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